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Download Dolby Access to start your Dolby Atmos free trial for headphones or create a Dolby Atmos device. In your games, films and shows you hear amazing detail, accuracy and realism with the sound that runs around you – even above and behind you.

Dolby Access enables you to customise your audio and find unique trailers and content.

Dolby Access is a sophisticated sound driver package that enables users of all levels of expertise to quickly extract maximum potentials from their stereo headphones or Dolby Atmos devices so that high-quality sounds may be reproduced in contemporary multimedia content.

With years of experience in the production of advanced sound codecs and a deep integration into modern videogames, movies and multimedia developments, Dolby Access is able to display complex sonic details, the accuracy of sound propagation and the realistic soundscape not only in front, at the side or behind you.

Windows 10 shop gives its customers free access to the Dolby Access software which provides improved sound drivers for high-quality playback of authentic surround sound in games, movies and programmes. Sound decoding is additionally optimised for video games and, in particular, for the recent AAA titles, whereby you can identify the exact origin of various sounds, help you to be better oriented in a 3D environment, interact easily with the environment and dynamic objects, and even hear the threat location before you can see it in the game world.

Video games which have been fully integrated into Dolby Access include Gears 5, Borderlands 3, Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus, Forza Horizon 4 and others.

Dolby Access also plays immersive audio found in TV programmes and movies with great efficiency. Full support for sound and Dolby Atmos surround headphones is available for content spread across applications including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, iQiyi, Maxdom, Microsoft Movies & TV and more.

The Dolby Access app is not only available on Windows 10 but also for the Xbox One game console that enables the same sound processing capabilities as this powerful home gaming and entertainment gear.

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Installation And Operation

Dolby Access from Microsoft Store may be installed with a single click on “Get” on the application page. Since it has extremely minimal hardware requirements, it may be installed securely on any PC machine which can run a Windows 10 operating system (home PC or laptop). At least Windows 10 version 18362.0 is required for the app.

The app itself has a very simplified and aesthetically appealing design, with three major sections for changing your sonic atmosphere – home, products and especially settings. In this final page, you may modify your sound signature for different kinds of material – game, movies, music, voice and three custom presets – on your PC.

Features And Highlights

  • All-in-one solution to enable genuine Dolby Atmos reproduction on your computer.
  • Support both your home theatre speakers and virtual headphones surround.
  • Significant sound optimisation for different items of video gaming.
  • Enhance the sonority with accurate, powerful and immersive surround sound in your favourite video games.
  • Take the surround sound with Dolby Atmos to a whole new level in films and TV programmes.
  • Simple and quick sound management application.

What Is Dolby Atom?

Dolby Atmos is the space sound technology of Dolby. Instead of utilising channels (for example, rear left speakers), it assigns sounds to a particular location (rear-left corner, 8-feet high). Dolby Atmos adds height to the surround sound equation which provides a smoother, more accurate sense of the surrounding sound as sounds flow from one location to another.

How Does A PC Work?

Dolby Atmos can be set up on a PC with a headphone or an AV receiver that supports atmos, in a less probable case.

Is It Supported By My PC?

As long as you upgraded last spring with Windows 10 creators, it will.

Something like Microsoft Offers?

Microsoft has a spatial sound taste, but it only works with headphones. It’s called headphone Windows Sonic.

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Which One Need I To Use?

You only have one option — Dolby Atmos — if your computer is connected to the wonderful surround-sound speaker system through an Atmos-support receiver. I recommend that you give Windows Sonic a whirl for headphones. Dolby Atmos costs $14.99 to allow you to pay a charge via the Dolby Access app. Windows Sonic is free and already on your PC when Creators Update is being implemented or later.

I tested both Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos on a Windows 10 PC with a few of headphones. I viewed Movie & TV trailers and I could hear the difference between spatial sound and no spatial sound, but I could not distinguish between Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos has a 30-day free trial so you can see (or listen rather) what your setup sounds better.

How Can I Activate It?

Connect headphones to your PC, right-click the system tray speaker icon and then select Spatial Sound from the menu. Either Windows Sonic for headphones or Dolby Atmos for headphones will be your choices. Choose the latter application and visit the Dolby Access Store website to download a free app that you use to purchase Dolby Atmos licences — or start the free 30-day trial. Dolby Atmos may be used on 10 devices, including an Xbox One.

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