when do mit decisions come out

Early Action and Regular Action are the two options for students who want to apply to MIT. Early Action applicants will receive an admissions decision in mid-December, while Regular Action applicants will receive an admissions decision in mid-March. The deadline for Early Action candidates is November 1st. The deadline for Regular Action applications is January 6th.

Applying through Early Action has no advantages. Early Action applications, on the other hand, allow applicants to show their interest in MIT while also receiving an admissions decision sooner. Early Action is also not regarded as binding or single-action. This means that students are free to apply to other colleges through Early Action as long as those colleges are not single-choice. Furthermore, even if a student is enrolled to MIT, if they are accepted into another binding university, they are normally compelled to attend.

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When Will The Results Be Made Public?

Early Action decisions will be released in mid-December, and Regular Action decisions will be released in mid-March.

As soon as the official release date(s) and time(s) are set, we’ll email instructions for obtaining the decision letters. Applicants will receive an email roughly a week before the decision is made public.

Admissions decisions will only be made available online. Email or snail mail will not be used to communicate decisions. However, you may receive a packet from the admissions office after the admissions choices are released!



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