How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV firmware upgrades are used for enhancing existing features and fixing problems and adding new apps to the device in certain instances. You may update through the Internet (recommended). However, sometimes we need to update through USB to fix an issue.

What you’re going to need:

  • You should connect your TV to the internet if you are upgrading via the web.
  • You need a computer with an internet connection and a USB drive with adequate free storage space if you are upgrading on a USB drive.

Your TV will get software upgrades every once in a while to provide new features or repair problems. No matter what TV you have, it is extremely essential to maintain your software up to date. You may upgrade the software of your television via the Internet or through a USB flash drive. Bear in mind that following a software update your visual and audio settings may be restored to defaults automatically.

Samsung Smart TV Update Automatically

  • Turn your TV on, then hit the Remote Menu button.
  • Select Support > Update Software.
  • Choose Update Now.
  • After the update has started, your TV will turn off and automatically turn on. When the update is finished successfully, you will receive a confirmation message.

When your TV is on and a new update is detected, it will be downloaded and installed before you can either watch anything or use other features. Depending on the nature of the update, this may take several minutes.

If you chose the Auto Update option to update while viewing TV, the update will be downloaded and installed in background, and the next time you switch on the TV, the update will be installed.

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Manually Update Your TV Through The Internet

You may do this if your TV is linked to the Internet, but prefer to manually activate firmware/software upgrades.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Go to Settings.
  • Choose Support.
  • Choose Update Software.
  • Choose Update Now. If an update is available, the process of downloading and installing is started in the same way as described above in the auto update section.
  • Samsung TV Update Screen Software – Now Option.
  • If there are no updates, choose OK to leave the Settings screen and use the TV.

To get the most out of your TV, software updates should be downloaded as soon as possible. Use the remote settings of your TV and choose Support. Choose Software Update, then choose Update Now. You will download and install new updates for your TV. Updates typically take a few minutes; don’t switch off your TV until the update is finished. When the update is complete, the TV will automatically restart. If no new updates are available, choose OK to leave.

Update Using USB

Visit the Samsung Get Center to download the latest software updates. You may either choose your product category, search your TV, or choose Enter Model Number to reach the TV Model help page. Locate the firmware file for your TV under Downloads on the support website. Install the latest version if you see several firmware versions. To download the zipped file, choose Download next to the firmware version.

  • If the file is downloaded, find it and then unzip the file. One folder should be within.
  • Copy or move the folder to the USB flash drive without putting it in other directories. If you insert the folder of the programme into a folder on the USB drive, the TV won’t locate it.
  • Connect the software update USB drive to a USB port on your TV.
  • Use the remote settings of your TV and choose Support. Choose Software Update, choose Update Now, and then choose Yes.
  • Choose Download or View More.
  • Download Page of Samsung TV Firmware Update
  • Download your PC or laptop software/firmware upgrades.
  • Plug your PC or Laptop with a USB flash drive.
  • Run the downloaded file: When prompted to unzippe the file contents, choose a USB flash device with enough capacity.
  • Once the USB flash drive is downloaded and unzipped, connect it into a USB port on the TV.
  • With the remote control of the TV, choose the Home or Smart Hub symbol, then select the TV screen settings icon that looks like an equipment.
  • Download and choose Support.
  • Choose Update Software, then Update Now.
  • Choose the USB option. You will notice a notification on the reading screen “USB scanning. It may take more than 1 minute.”
  • Follow any further instructions to start the update process.
  • When the procedure is finished, Samsung Smart TV immediately switches off, then activates the programme update and is ready to use.
  • You may choose Program Update and Update Now to ensure that you have updated the software. The TV shows you’ve got the newest update.

Your TV will seek for updated files on the USB device. Follow the on-screen directions for the software installation. Updates typically take a few minutes; don’t switch off your TV until the update is finished. When the update is complete, the TV will automatically restart.


How To Update Samsung Smart TV App

You will need to make sure that the newest versions are available in order to continue utilising the Samsung applications installed on your Smart TV. This is independent of upgrading the software or firmware in the TV system, since each app has its own structure. The simplest method to update your applications is by having the TV do it automatically.

Use the following steps to set this up:

  • Click your Samsung TV remote Smart Hub/Home button.
  • Select Apps from the Smart Hub Home menu.
  • Choose My Apps.
  • Select Options and verify that Auto Update is set to On.
  • Samsung TV – Auto update application option

If you choose the manual option, you will be informed when you pick an app if an update is available. Follow any further notifications or instructions to start the update process.

When the update is finished, the app will open so that you may use it.

If you possess an older Samsung Smart TV, such the one you published before the 2016 model year, the procedures required for updating applications may change

  •  Models 2013: On your remote button press the Smart Hub, choose Apps > More Apps and follow any further instructions.
  • Models 2014: Press your remote button on the Menu. Choose Smart Hub > Settings for Applications > Auto-Update.
  • Models 2015: Press the remote menu button, choose Smart Hub > Auto App and Game Update > On.

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