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If you want to bring colour or nuance to a space, LEDs are an excellent option. LEDs come in large rolls, which you can simply configure even if you have no electric expertise. A good installation requires just a little preparation at the beginning to make sure you match the appropriate LED length and power source. You may then connect the LEDs to or solder them together using purchased connections. Connections are simpler to use however soldering is the best choice to connect LED strips and connectors more permanently. Finally, glue the LEDs in place using their adhesive backing and plug them into to enjoy the atmosphere they create.

LED Closet Light Strip Installation

The following will discuss how to install LED strip lights to beautify your closet and increase efficiency in your daily organising and clothing choices.

Choose the perfect LED Closet Strip
Depending on the interior décor or closet design, many choose white closet lights such as daylight or warm white.

Installation In The Closet With Led Strip Lights

With regard to length, we advise you choose the location of the strip in the cabinet and measure the necessary length in advance so you can select the most appropriate strip amongst various lengths and prevent wastes or insufficiencies.

With regard to other tasks, we recommend you choose a line that can change luminosity to suit various lighting requirements while you are opening the closet to choose clothing.

Furthermore, certain strips are waterproof, which usually are more costly than non-waterproof ones. If placed in wardrobes alone, non-waterproof ones are sufficient. Of course, we recommend purchasing waterproof ones if you put them in the kitchen or bathroom.

Cut To Size

The cutting lines along the strips make it extremely easy to cut LED strips. There is a black line at each cutting point with copper solder pads on either side. The copper solder pads make it adjustable for each strip piece, even after being cut. This allows LED strips to be connected or connected to a different location in your house.

Check The LEDs To See What Voltage They Need

See the product label on the LED strips or the website for online purchases. Either 12V or 24V are LEDs. You need to have a suitable power source to keep your LEDs operating long term. If not, the LEDs will not have sufficient power to function. [2]
You may usually connect them to the same power supply if you intend to use several strips or chop LEDs into smaller strips.
In most places, the 12V lights fit nicely and consume less electricity. The 24V variant, however, glows brighter and is lengthier.

Waterproof Or Non-Waterproof

LED strip lights are not restricted to indoor installations. The waterproof LED strip lights have an IP65 classification with a silicone resin composition that protects the strips from dust and moisture. The water-resistant LED lights are a bit more costly but must be used in any outdoor or near water project.

12 volt LED lights – 12 VDC power input is required for the LED strip light to operate. This needs an AC/DC transformer to be used at home, but makes the strips through the house more safer. The batteries also provide DC power, so that these flex strips make battery powered LED light simple.

Best Recommendations For LED Closet Strip Lights

Are you ready to add to your wardrobe a gorgeous, functional LED light strip? The Lepro 50ft LED Strip Lights Kit is very suited for indoor usage here. 50ft is plenty for longer closets, and if it’s too long, you may trim the rest still functioning well. You may also select any hue based on your requirements, and the luminance change allows you to alter the luminous strength according to various times of the day.

Color: RGB Color Multicolour, UV, White, Colour, CCT Range

The hue of the LED strip depends on your choice. For those who want some variation and colour effects, RGB LED strips are a wonderful choice. RGB strip lights are strips that change colour and are excellent for accentuating lighting all around the house. They utilise red, green and blue diodes to produce a wide variety of colours. When utilising RGB strips, simply check to use a 3-channel controller in the dimming area of this manual.

The strips are available in Ultra Violet (UV) form. This is a fantastic way to make your own black light or UV applications!

The strips may also be found in the following colours: red, green, blue, yellow and white (3000-6500K CCT).

CCT stands for the correlated colour temperature of light, measured in Kelvin degrees (K). The LED strip’s temperature rating directly influences how the light appears. See the pictures below for reference. Warm white is what we call 3000K, which looks reddish or yellowish. As we increase degrees Kelvin the color changes from yellow to off white to natural white and then to bluish white which is known as Cool White.

LED Strips For Wiring And Connection

This is where the drawing will be helpful to start thinking about where all the strips will run. Was all the strips planned to run together in the long term? You have to connect parallel cables from your power supply to the individual strips if your total length required is over the maximum stripe length (32.8 ft. for SD and 16.4 ft. for HD).

As our cartoon illustrates, you may desire power strips to power a single common power source from various directions. You will already run parallel wires in this case.

When dealing with many rolls of strips, wiring LED strips may be difficult, but we offer a power and cable guide to map your LED strip light set-up.

Cables: LED strip connectors and splitters Accessories

LED strips are required for every strip project. For every LED strip connection, we offer some useful accessories and instructions.

Soldering wire and your own links? Make sure that you follow our soldering instructions and our suggested strip wire is available here.

To Solder To The LED Contacts, Choose Red And Black Power Wires.

Typically, LED lights have two connections, each needing a separate cable. Try to use wires in diameter from 0.025 to 0.04 in (0.064 to 0.102 cm). Get black and red cables separate for every LED you want to connect. [10]
If you solder a connection to the wire, first inspect the connector for wires. If you do, you won’t have to purchase separate wiring.
Certain LED strips require up to 4 wires. The 24V variant utilises red, blue, green and yellow wires rather than red and dark which you can see by glancing at the copper dots indicated on the LEDs.
Note that the cables used may vary somewhat in colour and size depending on where you reside. However, usually black and red cables are used for electricity.

Strip Lights Dimming LED

LED strip lights are usually dimmed using modulation dimmers for in-line pulse width. These dimmers are placed on the system’s 12-volt side and wire between the bands as indicated.

PWM dimmers are popular since they can operate with any transformer or battery source, they don’t require a dimmable power supply. Smooth control from dimest to brightest settings is possible with PWM dimming. It is cheap and simple to set up, making it the best choice for dimming LED band lights.

Control your smartphone’s LED strips
These basic dimmers may be obtained both via WiFi and remote control. The WiFi compliant smartphone dimmers may be operated by Google Home or Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices directly from a smartphone app.

Some homeowners have a central dimming system for certain regions already. In these situations the owner want to regulate the lights using the existing AC dimmers. You require a dimmable power supply as detailed below if you wish to utilise such an AC dimmer.

3 LED Channel Controller
RGB controllers (WiFi / Remote / Bluetooth) — If you have an RGB LED strip change colour, you will need a 3-channel RGB controller. These controls regulate the red, green and blue channels in order to blend the colours. Without this unit, your RGB LED strips will not operate correctly so always remember to purchase one if you are using the Multicolor LED strips.


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