Steam Content File Is Locked

This means that Steam cannot write the update file to disk. There may also be several solutions for this error. The most effective way is to uninstall Steam and every native game content, and then install it from scratch. Although this method is useful for multiple users, it is a fairly long task and consumes a lot of information together. Before taking the most detailed measures mentioned above, we will try to eliminate the minor issues that may be involved.

Repair Damaged System Files

Download and run Restore to scan for damaged files from here, if you find that the square files are damaged and missing, please repair them, so please check if it can solve the problem, if it doesn’t solve the problem, please proceed to the solutions listed below

Solution 1: Check Antivirus

In some ways, your antivirus software may also cause this problem. Usually, Steam files are marked as potential viruses and quarantined. The square measurement below lists an alternative method of disabling antivirus before updating the game.

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McAfee Anti-Virus

McAfee does not need to exclude bound files from real-time scanning. The only way is to completely disable the anti-virus software until the sport is updated. To do this, open McAfee and select “Virus and Spyware Protection.” Here, you can find the “real-time scan” option. Click on the possibility and close it.

Then follow the follow-up instructions to verify the integrity of the game files.

1. Restart the laptop, and then restart Steam.
2. Go to the “Library” section and right-click on the sport that gave you the question.
3. Click its properties, and then select the “Native Files” tab.
4. Click the button to verify the integrity of the game file, Steam can verify the game within a few minutes.

I hope you will never encounter any problems after playing all the steps.

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Solution 2: Reset Winsock

Another problem that will cause the update to fail is the Winsock directory. We can execute commands to reset it, and then roll it back to default settings in turn

1. Press the Win (windows) + R key to name the run window (make sure to run it as an administrator).
2. In the dialog box, sort “nets Winsock reset” (excluding the quotation marks).
3. Execute the command and restart the laptop.

Solution 3: Repair Damaged Files

If neither of these two strategies is suitable for you, we can resolve the file corruption/missing issue and consider downloading the complete file again.

1. Exit Steam and navigate to your Steam directory (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam).
2. Move to the “Log” folder, and then open “txt”.
3. Move to a very cheap document and look for recent errors.
4. Navigate to the base folder of the mod.
5. Restart Steam and move to the download folder.

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Solution 4: Migrate Steam Installation And Game Files

If the simpler strategy does not work for you, we must relocate the Steam installation and game files. The methodology is divided into two elements. In the first half of the year, we tend to try to migrate Steam and hope it can be up and running. If an error occurs during the entire publishing process, we must install Steam. The complete method is listed below.

1. Navigate to your Steam user and click Settings.
2. Select “Download” and click “Steam Library Folder”.
3. Click “Add Library Folder”, and then select an alternate path where you want to place Steam.
4. This can outline the future path of all the facilities that need to be placed. For now, we will move the existing Steam files to the path of your choice.
5. Exit the Steam user.
6. Navigate to the current Steam directory (default: C:\Program Files\Steam).
7. Delete all files and folders except the SteamApps and User Data folders. Do not delete the exe together.
8. Cut all the folders and paste them into the new directory you selected above them.
9. Start Steam and log in again.


Solution 5: Check Disk Scan

The optical drive containing the moving device may be damaged or contain abnormal sectors. If a hard drive has “bad” sectors, it will slow down and cannot access the bound area of ​​the optical drive. Therefore, you will try to run a “disc check” scan to see if there are any abnormal sectors in the drive. For that reason:

1. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time.
2. Type “cmd” in the dialog box and press “Enter”
3. Press “Y” to confirm the disk check scan plan.
4. Observe whether the “Disk Check” scan is completed, and check whether the problem still exists.

Solution 6: Run As An Administrator

In some cases, Steam needs special permissions to access bound folders and files. If special permissions are not granted, Windows should prevent it from accessing the folder, so a “content file is locked” message may be displayed. Therefore, in this step, we will run “Steam” as an administrator. For that reason

1. Right-click on the Steam icon and select the “Properties” possibility.
2. Click the “Compatibility” tab, and then check the possibility of “Run as administrator”.
3. Click “Apply”, and then click “OK”.
4. Run Steam and check to determine if the problem still exists.

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