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Game subscription services are all furious in 2018, with Microsoft Xbox Game Pass one of the most popular Microsoft gamers choices. The membership includes a constantly changing library of more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, which costs £7.99 a month, and gives people who don’t mind playing old games a great value for money.

But you may discover that Xbox Game Pass is not for you as wonderful as the subscription service is. If so, you’re about to cancel your membership; the issue is that you can’t cancel your subscription straight from your Xbox One anymore. Don’t worry, cancelling your Xbox Game Pass is still very simple, and here we show you how.

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How To Unsubscribe From Xbox Game Pass

It is simple to back up whether you have taken an Xbox Game Pass test or intend to cancel a paid membership. Over the years, Microsoft has rattled the process and therefore removed the option to cancel immediately via the Xbox interface. However, all you need is a web-based gadget.

It should be emphasised that terminating a membership to the Xbox Game Pass revokes all the advantages of subscribing. Former subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass lose access, including all titles presently loaded on your devices, to the Xbox Game Pass list. Unless you are permanently buying a game from the Microsoft Store or as a copy on a physical disc, renew your abonment to play it again on your Xbox or PC.

Cancelling an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription also means losing access to other perks such as Xbox Live Gold, a multiplayer online membership on a console basis. You also lose cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass through Android devices, special discounts and unsaved benefits. However, Xbox Live Gold may still be purchased individually once Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has been cancelled.

These are the procedures to cancel the online Xbox Game Pass. While it is generally simpler to cancel the Xbox Game Pass on a PC or mobile device, it is also feasible through the Xbox One- and Xbox Series X|S integrated Microsoft Edge browsers.

Canceling from an Xbox console Step By Step

The Xbox procedure has been modified many times throughout the duration of its consoles to cancel memberships but appears to have landed on a fairly straightforward approach. If you are mainly a console player, take these steps to end your membership to Xbox Game Pass.

STEP1: Press the Xbox Guide button in the middle of the controller to open the Guide Menu.

Step 2: Choose your profile and then choose My Account from the pop-up box.

Step 3: Choose from the right side of the page the payment and billing option.

Step 4: Choose Xbox Pass Game.

Step 5: Select Cancel Cancel Subscription.

Step 6: Choose Yes to indicate that you wish to cancel your membership.

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What Happens When Xbox Game Pass Is Cancelled?

Microsoft provides two methods to cancel a membership to the Xbox Game Pass and each has distinct implications.

Canceling Xbox Game Pass:

You have the choice to get a partial refund or to terminate a subscription when the subscription expires.

Turn Off Auto Renewal:

If you stop recurring subscription payment, it will be automatically cancelled by Microsoft when your subscription is exhausted.

Cancelling Xbox Game Pass will not affect your accomplishments throughout your registration term and you will not lose any progress in playing the games.

You may continue where you left off as long as your saving information is accessible on your console or in the cloud if you wish to subscribe again later. You may also allow where you left off to continue playing if you buy a digital or physical copy of the game you began using your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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How To Save On Xbox Game Pass

Consider terminating your membership to the Xbox Game Pass at the monthly cost? Xbox Game Pass comes with a set $10 monthly charge for a console and PC, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 per billing cycle. However, if you decide to remain, several stores provide the chance to save on your membership. Many third-party discounts on redeemable codes for individuals buying upfront memberships monthly and year are common.

The greatest Xbox Game Pass offers typically save little over normal prices, which are perfect for individuals who want to cut their monthly expenses. The greatest discounts typically are for the Microsoft all-inclusive membership Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, particularly suitable for those searching for the most value from the deals of Game Pass.

Cancel through the web browser

You may also cancel your PC membership. Open your preferred web browser, follow these instructions, and everything will be set.

Step 1: Go to for your web browser.

Step 2: Sign in by clicking Sign In in the upper right corner of your Profile.

Step 3: At the top of the website, click on your profile image.

Step 4: In the bottom right of the pop-up menu, click three points and choose Subscriptions.

Step 5: Find the option Xbox Game Pass and click Manage.

Step 6: Click on subscription cancellation.

Step 7: Confirm that you want to stop recurring payments on the pop-up window.

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