Top 6 Free Antivirus Apps for Windows Phone

We are constantly being educated that malware is a danger to our PCs, compact workstations, cells, and tablets. Consistently reports let us realize that we have abundance to worry about. Under the umbrella of malignant applications you’ll find a wide scope of nasties protected away, including diseases, Trojans, adware, misuses, worms, noticing contraptions, and spyware.

All things considered we don’t care for hearing this, yet the truth is that you need to reevaluate your picked security application as expected, when each year regardless. The steady progression of new malware infers security is a reliable battle. In case you analyze the AV-Test reports all through the months and years you’ll see the measure of progress there is at the most elevated mark of the security programming graph. Since your application is incredible currently, doesn’t mean it will continue giving the best extension later on.

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1. NetQin Mobile Antivirus

Cost : free

Rating: 3.5 stars on softonic

NQ Mobile Security guarantees against versatile threats, including malware, programmers, and diseases, while ensuring your devices continue to run at ideal speed. Our exceptional segments for Windows Phone fuse threatening to disease checking, individual perusing, safe looking, and reinforcement instruments for your contacts. By several minutes to download NQ Mobile Security, you can totally safeguard yourself and your family from software engineers and other advanced guilty parties.

NetQin Mobile Anti-infection is a freeware proposed to guarantee Windows Mobile against disease attacks, Trojans, spyware, malware.

NetQin Mobile Anti-infection gives persistent confirmation and utilizations a contamination information base is constantly redesignd.

NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus gives a limit as support and reestablishes contacts and a region organization for lost or taken phone.

2. Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus 3.0

With the extended distant accessibility of PDAs and Smartphones comes an extended threat from contamination attacks. Set aside money, time, and data by getting your huge Pocket PC now with Airscanner™ Mobile

Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus’ parts include:

• Automatic, straightforward, online updates of infection marks and checking engine

• Fast, improved checking rate considering patent forthcoming advancement.

• Support for PocketPC 2003/Windows Mobile 2003.

• Quarantine or annihilate introduced contaminations and malware.

• Fast, progressed checking speed considering patent forthcoming advancement.

• Automatic, online overhauls of infection marks and checking motor.

• Easy online updates.

• Intercept memory inhabitant diseases with a pushed interaction divulgence mechanical assembly.

• Debug Trojan hacks with an easy to-use vault watcher.

• Uncover forswearing of administration attacks with a quick framework analyzer.

• Enter your own specific custom infection signature (for subject matter experts).

• Perform fast, recursive, and adaptably multithreaded filesystem checking.

Airscanner’s Mobile AntiVirus is a serious, sweeping security an answer for your windows portable.

Value: free, no windows store rating, 4 stars softonic rating.

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3. Norton Smartphone Security

Since a more noteworthy measure of us accesed the Internet through our PDAs or phones, it’s nothing sudden that the danger of contaminations and hacks on versatile devices has extended. Additionally, it’s nothing unforeseen that antivirus programming planners are forewarning us to get guaranteed against portable attacks.

Norton Smartphone Security is the thing that should be called Symantec’s eminent PC protection utility. This Windows Mobile interpretation gives constant affirmation from framework threats and a spam channel for SMS that allows you to dispose of unfortunate messages through the use of blacklists and whitelists.

The establishment procedure for Norton Smartphone Security is a cycle troublesome, anyway once the framework is running it offers a successful and trouble free technique for guaranteeing your contraption. The Antivirus module can be set to auto-secure your Smartphone, and enabling you to perform total disease output and schedule checks at preset breaks. Decisions fuse the ability to perform modified exercises when a contamination is recognized (Log Only, Deny Access, Delete, or Quarantine), perform standard redesigns through LiveUpdate, and organize mediators.

Annoyingly, the firewall part in Norton Smartphone Security, is arranged in a thoroughly separate interface to the Antivirus region, so you need to close one to change to the following. The firewall system is truly viable notwithstanding, and there are four assorted security levels you can investigate (Trust No One, Paranoid, Cautious, or Trust All).

With everything considered, Norton Smartphone Security offers a favorable and gainful strategy for keeping the horrendous stuff a long way from your versatile contraption.

It has no windows stores rating, 4 stars softonic client rating.

4. MobiShield

MobiShield Mobile Security guarantees your phone against malware and spyware. Get free MobiShield Antivirus.


Against –  Virus: Scan, perceive and kill malware, spyware, and Trojan, Scan Memory Support, Support Full range, Quick Scan Support, Support Real-time security.

Backing: Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5

No windows store rating except for 3.5 softonic client rating.

5. Post Mobile Security For Windows Mobile

Post Mobile Security is a free application formed by Lookout, Inc. forWindows Mobile that keeps one’s cell phone ensured and secure consistently. This application incorporates an Antivirus and Security handiness that safeguards one’s cell phone from diseases, spyware and malware. It therefore channels each downloaded application to promise it’s without disease. It similarly features programmed refreshes.

Despite security and hostile to infection, Lookout Mobile Security features aBackup and Restore value that engages customers to reinforcement contacts which can be gotten to at Customers can similarly reestablish their data to any current phone quickly and easily.

In addition, this application has an Anti-robbery include that engages customers to find their taken or lost phone using the phone’s GPS. Customers can set an alert (Scream), Lock and Wipe all the phone’s data distantly with a particular ultimate objective to find it.

By and large, Lookout Mobile Security is a compelling and common Windows Mobileapplication to promise one’s portable free from any and all harm consistently.

No windows store rating.

6. AVG Family Safety (Free)

This ensured program is a parentally controlled unmistakable alternative for Internet Explorer. It is especially expected to square objections with ill-advised or vindictive substance, and when used as a piece of combination with AVG Family Safety PC, it allows people to set courses of action of allowed and impeded districts, screen the online development of unmistakable customers on different contraptions, and piece long reach relational correspondence objections considering the individual logins of each child.

AVG Family Safety is a free and gets, family-obliging Web Browser, which safeguards you and your youths from: • Inappropriate objections • Online stunts • Fraud • Phishing districts • Potentially dangerous substance • Sites that endeavor to mishandle singular information.

No windows store rating.

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These antiviruses are the best for window mobile phones. Its free of cost and very effective.


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