Are you developing an interest in fashion and glamour? Eagerly looking for a fashion contest? Final
Fantasy XIV is the route to your interest and your wait is now over. Final Fantasy XIV is the most
renowned multi-player online game that helps you explore your fashion interest, you can test your
fashion abilities. The game was introduced by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows in 2010. The vast
range of features in the game compels the existing players not to lose interest, thus attracting new
Final Fantasy XIV organizes a fashion report hosted by Gold Saucer every week. It is a contest in which
aspiring contestants display their knowledge of fashion and glamour. The fashion contest week begins
every Tuesday. Masked Rose provides the players with hints to guess the week’s best outfit.
The result’s week begins on Friday where every contestant examines their theory-crafting skills and puts
efforts to earn a reward!


The types of rewards that contestants earn are:
• Reaching 100 points: 60,000 MGP and a title “FASHION LEADER” as a one-time reward.
• Reaching 80 points: will earn you 60,000 MGP.
Earning points will add and unlock new rewards, like Spring Bottoms which will unlock earning 600 points,
or spring shoes or dress hanger, so set a goal to earn more points to unlock new items on Kasumi’s shop.
Here, we will discuss the Final Fantasy XIV fashion report, for that you need to analyze what is fashion
report about?



The fashion contest is held every week at Golden Saucer, this grants you a chance to test your fashion
skills. Every week on Tuesday it is updated at 8 p.m. and the judging phase takes place every Friday at 8
p.m. You can test your skills anytime between Tuesday and Friday, and as soon as you get it done,
another theme is decided.
If you opt to carry glamour gear, you’ll be judged based on how glamourous it looks. If you are
interested, you may choose to contest, keeping in mind the time frame and Masked Rose at the Golden
Saucer. After that, you will be allocated the theme, hit level 15 to achieve access to the fashion report
through the gold disc.


To unlock the fashion report, “passion for fashion” needs to be completed granted by Lewena. Players
must have finished the side quest known as “This could happen to you”. Reaching at least level 15
unlocks the Fashion report. You also need to have conducted a chat with Masked Rose as a gateway to
unlocking fashion reports. In the same process, as discussed above the contest and judging weeks and
time frame, furthermore, you have been granted four chances to prove yourself to the judges.
Glamour geared products are judged based on their glamourous and glittery appearance, make sure
during judging all things will be bound to you, and filling all the slots will earn you extra chances to win.
Also by chatting with Rose you can obtain hints about the best outfit that suits the theme, by selecting “
confirm current weeks fashion theme”.
Players that invest their every effort in it, will earn exclusive rewards.



You might be thinking, what shall be done to make your score better, right? To cater to this you will
need to invest extra effort to gain 80 or above points. As you are well aware that the theme updates and
varies every week, surprisingly, social media and other sites have made it easier to analyze what you’ll
be needing, for instance, Reddit. You may put an effort to look on the various forums to get updates
about the current theme you might search for fashion contest tips and tricks which can surely increase
the chances of winning.
All slots shall be filled to enable that a specific dye is chosen for a particular piece, which helps you earn
52 points, but then you need to wait for a month or two as they are awarded in a particular procedure.


In a nutshell, FFXIV is one of the most preferred and famous online games, very unique and ideal. For
the gamers who are well aware, thrive to convey that they are the most deserving aspirants for the title
“ FASHION CHAMP”. This is the game where you can enjoy it to the fullest while you are indulged in it.
On inquiring from performers it was analyzed that they loved to play FFXIV, as it builds interest to earn
more points to achieve their prizes, realizing how marvelous it feels to be tagged as the fashion champ,
which makes them keep going and attracts new ones.
Keep enjoying and boom.

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