Modern and advanced technology has made it significantly easier to share the device’s screen, pictures,
and else. Screen sharing has been made possible and reliable with Discord. Discord has introduced
screen sharing to Android and iOS apps. Sharing of mobile device’s screen is now made possible with up
to 50 others. It has made sharing media with your loved ones easy if they have access to the same app.
Discord is mainly focused as a gaming app, but there are various non-gaming uses too. Discord has made
way more flexible for its users to share their screens. People use discord as a free app for
telecommuting as an alternative to zoom. This means you can easily share your work presentations
while on voice or video calls.


You might be wondering how to use discord screen share right? Here is the guidance, to get started and
obtain benefits download the Discord app from the play store or apple store for android and iOS
accordingly. As discord is rolling out this feature you might not be able to access it immediately and may
consume some time. If this is the case, wait a bit to get started.
➢ Tap discord app to open and start a video call or else.
➢ From in-call options, choose screen sharing.
➢ A dialog box providing necessary guidance about screen share use appears.
➢ Choose “try it out” to get started.
➢ The app asks for permission and to remind you that you’re going to share your screen with
others, do you want to? If you’re ready to share select “start now”.
➢ You may opt to quit screen sharing anytime you want.
The user shall be well-aware that when you choose to share your screen with others, they can view
everything present on your mobile’s or tablet’s screen without any restriction unless an application
does not allow screen sharing access.

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While enjoying the app, you may encounter an issue of no audio while screen sharing. This may be
caused by a corrupted cache or files that may temporarily create audio issues. We received many
complaints regarding the audio feature which stopped working while screen sharing, this may occur
due to various reasons, some are listed below to assist you:

Discord Screen Sharing-No Audio Is Caused Due To:

There are many causes, all might not be applicable in your case, as it depends upon the configuration of
the computer:
1. Bad audio drivers: every application has access to the audio driver of the computer, if it is
corrupted it may cause discord audio issues.
2. Audio feature in its initial stages: we have launched the audio feature in screen sharing lately
which is not very good, may cause audio issues. We are continuously working on it to make it
more flexible and stable to be accessed on any device.
3. Application access issues: sometimes it might be due to some applications that restrict screen
sharing thus do not work properly. In such a case finding an alternative might be the best option
to look for.

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To move further to discuss the solutions briefly, users should make sure that administrative access is
permitted and the audio option is turned ON.
Moving towards some of the methods to get rid of the audio issue are :

• Reinstallation Of Audio Drivers May Solve The Issue:

audio drivers are the key component of hardware
in your computer, that builds a connection with software and thus the applications present, such as
discord. We encountered several issues that took place due to obsolete audio drivers, that prevent
screen sharing audio to work efficiently, causing disturbances. In such a case try installing the new and
latest driver version.

• Try Clearing Discord Cache:

to secure user’s data and temporary records we use cache. This is the most
significant and commonly used component, which is accused multiple times in a single call.
This may be caused due to corrupted caches, which may be resolved by deleting the cache.
In such a case,
➔ Close all running applications and exit discord through task manager.
➔ From the windows key, choose Run to open the run box.
➔ Insert “app data” in the run box.
➔ In this app data > choose roaming folder. Locate the discord folder, and delete it by right-clicking
➔ Restart your computer and examine that whether the issue has been resolved.


if you’re encountering an issue of audio while screen sharing
during any game or application, it may arise a possibility that the computer’s audio is having the
problem. They might not be selected or configured carefully.
For this issue, check if a proper audio device is selected and then check if discord is allowed access to
microphones of the computer.
Go Through The Microphone Settings:
+ click windows+ S, type microphone privacy settings to open it.
+ make sure applications that you want are permitted access to the microphone. Furthermore,
there displays a list of applications that have access to the microphone, you can check if your
desired application is permitted access.
+ save changes and examine if the issue is resolved.
If the issue is not solved through microphone settings, try these steps:
+ open sound settings by right-clicking the icon present, and press sounds.
+ select the recording tab, and select the right one, by right-clicking on it and choose to enable.
Set this as the default recording tab.
+ save changes and examine if the issue is solved by restarting your computer.
I Hope, this will cater to your issue, if still not resolved try installing a web version of discord, to
be used on chrome or opera.


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