Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is a planned scheduled and also a part of the Windows Media Center. It permits you to watch premium channels from your PC given by your local TV station. This application helps your PC in proper accepting and showing of digital signs. In the greater part of the PCs it is a built-in feature so you don’t have to check however in the event that you need to check your PC.
All things considered, antivirus applications (generally Avast) do see the digital TV tuner gadget enrollment application as an application that slows down your PC’s performance; subsequently, recommending that you put the application to sleep or stop it unexpectedly. Indeed, stopping this application improves your PC’s performance, and this article clarifies how you can do that, following a couple of basic steps.

How Can I know Whether My Device Has A Digital TV Tuner Or Not?

Simple, if you have a digital TV tuner, search for the IDT (Integrated Digital Tuner) tag on your TV. Indeed, the TV tuner application is set on the back of your digital TV. If you are searching for a digital TV tuner for your PC, you can download it from the web. As said before, the advanced TV tuner application is integrated for certain PCs.

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Does Digital TV Tuner Startup Automatically?

Yes, it starts up automatically. Yet, most times, the service runs close by Windows Media Center. Along these lines, when you dispatch Windows Media Center, the digital TV tuner device registration application will likewise start behind the background.
Would i be able to erase the digital TV tuner device registration application?
Yes you can. Yet, toward the day’s end, it’s dependent upon you whether you remove the digital TV tuner device registration application from your PC, based on your usage. You can check how much space this process is occupying on your framework. Whenever your PC is giving a poor performance regarding speed, you can just open Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time and see with your own eyes which cycles are taking up your device’s memory and space. In the event that the ehPrivJob.exe process is taking up more than 100MB of space or over 10% of CPU capacity, at that point its best advised to disable it for better performance of your pc.

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         Another Technique To Remove The Digital TV Tuner                                                   Application:

  1. You can follow the steps below to uninstall the computerized TV Tuner application.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Click Programs and Features in the Control Panel section.
  4. Search and click on digital TV tuner from the list of installed programs.
  5. At the highest point of the window, click Delete.
  6. Simply follow the removal wizard and trust that the interaction will finish.
  7. From that point onward, go to your Registry Editor by pressing Windows key + R. At that point type Regedit in the Run dialog box and hit Enter.
  8. In the Registry Editor window, explore to this location (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\) and find and erase the folder containing your digital TV tuner application.
  9. At that point explore to this address and delete every entry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\eg ui)
    Restart your PC.

How To Solve/Fix Digital TV Tuner Registration Application Problem?

Technique #1 Turn Off The Windows Features Using Control Panel

You can turn off the Windows highlight which gives the Digital TV Tuner Application to your PC. There is a high chance that it can help you fix the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application.

Technique #2 Disable Any Scheduled Tasks

There is a schedule tasks, this task is one of the significant reason for the issue. Subsequently, by disabling this task you can fix the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application.

Technique #3 Use The Resource Manager And End The Process

In the event that you are facing with any issue because of any process running in the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application at that point, one of the sensible ways is to end the process which is EhPrivJob.exe. By removing this cycle your problem will be solved.

Technique #4 Delete the DRM Folder

Another way to fix the issue in the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application is by deleting every one of the contents of the DRM folder. However, this technique might not work on all types of computer systems. Along these lines, you are advised to resort on alternate ways if this doesn’t work on your system

Technique #5 Uninstall The TV Tuner

If you have attempted all the above techniques and still you can’t fix the issue. At that point, the most possible solution is to uninstall the TV Tuner. Without the TV Tuner, there would not be any issue of the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application.


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