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Rising Digital Marketing Roles Demand in 2022 Trends in digital marketing salary 2022  Start earning a beautiful digital marketing salary now in your dream job!
As brands and companies across the world adapt to the new standard, the move towards digital technology is one of the most significant developments in the world. And, if the past 11 months are an indicator, the speed of digital change is astounding and will probably be further accelerated in the next year.

Digital marketing is one of the professions of this sluggish economy which saw tremendous growth. To improve your digital marketing career or prepare to enter into this rapidly changing, profitable industry, this article covers the following issues, which offer you an insight of a digital marketer’s pay trends in 2022:

  • The increasing 2022 need for digital marketing roles
  • SEO and the salary of the digital marketer
  • Salary of the Social Media Manager
  • Strategic content salary
  • Specialist salary for e-commerce
  • Pay for Digital Marketing Analyst

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The Annual, Maximum, Minimum And Range

Range Of Salary

The wages of the Pakistan Digital Marketing Manager vary from PKR 56 400 per month, to PKR 158 000 per month (maximum salary).

Annual Salary

The average income is PKR 96,100 per month, so that half of the individuals working as digital marketers make less than PKR 96,100, while the other half earns more than PKR 96,100. The median is the median value of the salary. Generally speaking, the group earning more than the average income would want you to be on the right side of the chart.


Two numbers are closely linked to the median: the 25th and the 75th percentiles. As seen in the pay diagram, 25% of Digital Marketing Managers make less than PKR 68,700, of which 75% earn more than PKR 68,700. Also from the graphic, 75% of the digital marketing managers make less than PKR 117,000, while 25% earn higher than PKR 117,000.

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What Are Digital Marketers Doing?

Digital marketing managers are responsible for the development and completion of marketing initiatives according to the objectives and values of the business. They need to develop efficient, effective digital advertising tactics in order to market goods or services. Most marketing managers concentrate on sales and brand loyalty by conducting awareness and satisfaction events or campaigns. Digital marketing managers need an expertise in e-commerce and the evolving digital market. Furthermore, an improved knowledge of the rules and norms of the Internet is a bonus. Technical skills are required such mastering SEOs (search engine optimization) and the capacity to build or maintain their company’s online brand awareness.
The majority of digital marketing managers work normal business hours in the office. The primary instruments are an Internet connection computer, computer software such as Adobe’s suite of marketing efforts development apps, group presentation projectors and Microsoft Office programmes. Digital marketing managers must have strong communication abilities, because they usually lead a development group to achieve their goals. They typically report their success to the chairman of the marketing department and may contact the customers and the general public directly.


Tasks Of Digital Marketing Manager

  • Develop and execute new media and digital marketing team strategies.
  • Online marketing efforts on all social and digital media channels should be coordinated.
  • Build successful teams, manage numerous projects, and monitor departmental cooperation to foster good company development.
  • Lead website development and manage all digital communication channels oriented towards customers.
  • Track growth and keep analytical reports for top management to give up-to-date information.

Requirements For MBA

Typically, MBA applications contain standardised scores, abstracts, academic transcripts, essays and letters of reference.

Many B-schools accept GMAT or GRE exam results. However, there are a few MBA schools where candidates do not have to submit entry exam results. In addition, several B-schools that usually need tests may waive the requirement for candidates who qualify on the basis of outstanding job experience or a good GPA from college.

B-schools call candidates sometimes for interviews and ask applicants to submit video essays sometimes. And most schools favour MBA candidates with considerable job experience, while some programmes are intended for college students or recent college grads.

MBA admissions officials usually want to see proof of development in an MBA application, so the candidate progressively assumes greater professional responsibilities. It is also beneficial if candidates have success tales of how they have contributed to their present business, former employers, university campus or local community, say experts.

The Increasing 2022 Need For Digital Marketing Roles

Digital is an overnight reality for millions of companies, with fast growth in e-commerce and remote employment. Consumers in most areas of the globe stayed inside, with most companies having to close their physical doors and get their workers out of their houses. Brands and customers alike now confront the top, if not the only, transaction choice online. According to the recent CMO survey, 56% of companies are altering models to take advantage of digital possibilities.

Clearly, conventional marketing is depending on their digital strategy more than ever. This change has placed huge expectations on digital marketing. How does this shift affect the profession of digital marketing?

Digital marketing, as an industry with many possibilities, has created job choices that did not exist 10 years ago. But now the need for people with digital abilities who can assist them traverse this new terrain is increasing, as companies are penetrating this new environment. Burning Glass Technologies reports that four out of ten jobs in marketing require digital marketing abilities for professionals.

Specialist In SEO/Digital Marketing

LinkedIn has named the ‘digital marketing expert’ as one of the top ten most popular professions. SEO is one of the most sought after talents.

A digital marketing expert wears many hats and has to have the ability to execute such methods as search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile marketing and email marketing. The position includes search results, managing online campaigns, digital channelling, and ensuring that the digital marketing efforts of a business match with overall plans and goals.

An SEO expert focuses on making customers rank high in search results in order to increase the traffic to the website using both organic and sponsored solutions.

Specialist In E-Commerce

E-commerce Marketing specialists manage the entire creation and maintenance in order to optimise their sales and profits of e-commerce websites and portals. They also set standards for product and content management, cooperate with sales and marketing teams and discover development possibilities via, inter alia, web analytics.

With a rise in e-commerce and online purchasing, e-commerce experts have become essential to retail companies. Therefore, one of the most well-compensated positions in digital marketing is not unexpected.

Geographical E-Commerce Specialist Pay:

  • an e-commerce specialist’s average salary in the US is $56,482 per year.
  • An ecommerce expert in the UK gets paid an average of £40,369 a year.
  • A ecommerce expert in India receives an average income of 6,64,000 dollars per year.

Manager Of Social Media

The use of social media is springing up and showing no signs of slowing down. With consumers hanging around more than ever on social media platforms (over 3 billions of social media users are expected by 2021), the company’s presence in the social media is massively encouraged. Today, companies utilise social media platforms to reach their audience and grow their network, raise awareness and create brands in general.

Social media managers assist companies to contact social media fans and supporters with a view to gaining momentum and generating income.

Social media managers are not only highly compensated experts, they also enjoy the chance to climb the ladder rapidly to such requested places as a communication manager.

Social Media Manager Geography pay:

  • In the United States a social media manager has an average income of $44,160/year.
  • In the UK, an employee’s average wage is £32,310 per year.
  • The average wage for a social media manager in India is €5.00,000/year.

Analyst For Digital Marketing

Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are rarely unaffected by a sector, and digital marketing is no exception. This sector is ready for analytical experts, with an increasing emphasis on consumer data and customization to increase sales, please customers and save expenses.

A digital marketing analyst carries out a market study, identifies trends in online marketing, and extracts value from consumer data in order to create strategies that meet company objectives. They also work together with sales and marketing teams to assist lead and generate revenue using data-driven insights.

Not Surprisingly, Some Of The Highest-Paid Workers In Companies Are Data And Web Analysis.

Analyst Digital Marketing Pay By Geography:

  • A digital marketing analyst’s annual average salary in the US is $52,166.
  • The average pay of digital marketing analysts in the UK is £32,930 per year.
  • The average pay for a digital marketing analyst in India is €4,12,000/year.


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