cryptographic services


Confidentiality, integrity and authentication of source, authentication of an entity, support to non-repudiation, control of access and availability (e.g., encryption and decryption, and digital signature generation and verification).


Looking for something amazing that can keep your data files , PIN , Passwords and other data secured ?
Cryptographic service provider ( CSP) is the best option . Cryptographic service provider helps you
protect your crucial data , PIN , passwords etc . Cryptography includes services namely integrity ,
authenticity and secrecy .Cryptography consists of mainly two bodies i.e. Conventional encryption
known as Symmetrical encryption and key public encryption known as Asymmetrical encryption.
Cryptographic service provider implements Microsoft CryptoAPI ( CAPI) . CSPs assist in encoding and
decoding that is used by the computer programs to ensure strong and effective authentication and for
securing emails .
Different applications can access independent CSPs. CryptoAPI is called by the user program which is
then redirected to cryptographic service providers. CSPs work for implementation of cryptographic
algorithms and standards , to assist application in security details. CryptoAPI plays a role of bridge
between the application and Cryptographic service provider (CSP) . Individual application shall decide
which CSP to be used on its call to CryptoAPI . To operate CSP it must be digitally signed and verified by
Microsoft when it is loaded by windows . Further , when loaded windows re-scan CSP to malicious
systems like system viruses , or by the user himself trying to impose restrictions that might be built in
CSPs codes ( such as length of CSP key) .
CSPs loading and use are implemented as DLL with updated restrictions. Dynamic link library (DLL) is a
concept of shared library by Microsoft in Microsoft windows and OS/2 operating systems .
To obtain signature , non-Microsoft users were required to submit paperwork in order to ensure to
abide by all the restrictions and rules , this restriction of submission of paperwork was just to eliminate
easy spread of unauthorized CSPs by unknown users. US government has restricted the export of
cryptography . CSPs implementing stronger Cryptography were required y the US residents unless CSPs
have obtained export approval .
Cryptographic has aimed to make its users life easy and convenient with maintenance of high standards
of security and protection . In this era of digital world , one of the most crucial use is encrypting the
communication between us and other servers. For instance , web browser and web server or it might be
email client and email server .

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