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The Xbox 360 is a system that has defined a whole generation of players and inspired some of Xbox One’s greatest titles. The system is almost 20 years old and there are still a lot of worth playing games.
Only a handful franchises that make Xbox 360 so unforgettable, include GTA, Far Cry, Borderlands, Halo, Mass Effect and BioShock. We’ve developed a comprehensive list of the greatest Xbox 360 games so you can re-visit some of your favourites, add some oldies to your library, or get an idea of where to start when you’re new.

Halo Reach

*Designer: Bungie.
*Mode: Multiplayer, single player.
*Xbox 360, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows Platform.
*Microsoft Game Studios published by:
The Covenant reached the planet in 2552. The UNSC installed an unrivalled defence against the external war machine. At the heart of this argument was the Noble Team, a successful assembly of officers organised to face the opponent directly. Presently this team faces its toughest task with the growth of the freshest element of the organisation – Noble Six: protecting their reach.

Halo: Reach has been created by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios and has heart beat efforts, addicting multiplayer, four-player, co-operable Firefight mode and a theatre mode to catch it all. Halo: Reach is a grand opus of stunning graphics, groundbreaking history, epic experiences, and eternal replayability with more modes, guidance, missions, change from time to time and highlights than ever.

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Rayman Legends

*Ubisoft Developer: Montpellier
*Mode: Xbox 3, 3, 4, Vita, Xbox One, Windows Wii U, Nintendo Switch: Single-Player, Multiplayer *Platform: Xbox 360,
*Ubisoft published by:
In addition to being a popular 2D platform in the 1990s that shooters repressed, experiencing games that all these things are additional, there still are plenty of fun things to have with the gorgeous character bouncing from one stage to the next. Rayman Legends stands out the momentum of performers with stunning graphics and a tonne of crazy enjoyment.

A throwback to the 2D era of Rayman, Legends ramps up the blatant pace significantly, taking you through numerous informatively designed levels which keep the professionals of the class informed of. In a way that many distributors do not contact at now, Rayman Legends demonstrates that platform managers still need big expenditure plans and much better skills.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is a favourite caped crusader of everyone who lays the smackdown on crime.

Okay; all the crime. Batman essentially turns crime and he looks badass while he’s doing it.

Critics loved this title as one of the greatest adventures of comic books ever, and it is difficult to argue with them. It’s perfection from start to end; it’s one of those games that you’ll play once you’ve finished, and I’ve done a lot over the years.

Fans of Arkham Asylum, this title is needed in their life (the game, not the location). It is essentially like a Zack Snyder film thumbed into a game with an over-the-top atmosphere with crazy soundtrack which keeps players on their edge constantly. Explore Arkham City’s dark world in this fresh new adventure. The whole filth of Gotham stops here, therefore it will be anything other than a simple trip for Mr. Wayne. Why would you want to go to a city full of crooks and gangsters is beyond me!

Arkham City has many recognisable faces, which fans of Batman comics like to oppose. Oh, and the joker is voiced by Mark Hamill.

Yeah, Joker’s Luke Skywalker, what more do I have to say?

Start sneaky missions, pull out all Batman’s hidden devices, and pause from the gloomy voice of Bruce to perform in her own narrative as Cat woman. It’s the game that continues to play!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty games have been stigmatised over the years: annual releases with increasingly identical campaigns and a number of players have stirred the brand. The Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, however, demonstrates why so many fans have returned to series again and over, even as the formula is becoming increasing. This masterwork hits all the right notes from its fascinating opening scene to its dramatic finale and presents characters who embody Call of Duty.

The three-day campaign of Modern Warfare is filled with notable moments: Hunt down Middle-East terrorist leaders, check the air from an AC130 gunship, and avert a global holocaust—these may sound clichés today, but they haven’t been before the introduction of Modern Warfare. The game also popularised a customised class system, which has become a de facto norm for the genre. The backward compatibility also exists for the original 2007 game if you don’t want to pay for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on Xbox One.

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Guitar Hero 5

You have to question at some point, how long will Guitar Hero remain there? Your plastic guitars and drum sets will not gather dust in the near future based on the latest edition of the series. For the musically oriented gamer, more than 85 songs are available as well as a few improvements that should have been included in the series long ago. Any band member may play any instrument, Career Mode has difficulty limits, and (finally) from the start you can perform any song whenever you want. That means if the expert is not able to pass Nirvana on your drum talents, Guitar Hero 5 really allows you to go to Hard or Normal bass guitar and tone. Better still, Xbox 360 players may import their Xbox Live avatar on the stage as an additional bonus. If you’re ready to rock, Guitar Hero 5 is one of the finest Xbox 360 games to play.

Virtua Fighter 5

You must ask at some point, how long Guitar Hero will remain around? Taking into account the latest edition of the series, the plastic guitars and drum sets will not quickly gather dust. More than 85 songs are available to the musically conscious player, as well as several improvements that should have been included in this series long ago. Career Mode frees up the limitations on difficulty and (finally) you can play any song whenever you want straight from the beginning. If you cannot pass your drum abilities by Nirvana to Expert, Guitar Hero 5 will really make you move to Hard or Normal in bass guitar and tone. Better still, Xbox 360 players may import their Avatar Xbox Live on the stage as a bonus. If you’re ready to rock, Guitar Hero 5 is one of the finest Xbox 360 games you could play.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Almost every square inch of South Park: the stick of truth is full with humour. You have met with a non-stop South-Park joke, reference and cameo dam from the minute you select your name (which, regardless of what you’re writing, was changed to “Douchebag” by the Grand Wizard of the Kingdom of the Koopa Keep Eric Cartman). Sometimes it’s nearly overpowering, but it’s so managed that you don’t have to be a fan of the programme to grasp the mood.
But when it’s most effective is that both play and be unbelievably excellent one—too often, satire seems envious and spiteful but if the game is better than what it is about, then South Park’s usually harsh humour becomes more… helpful. The Stick of truth is a love letter to the genre that it lamps, and an experience that valued the (long) wait.

Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin’s Creed II is one of the finest Hobbits Xbox 360 games that sneak. We speak to those players who get excited about slipping into family members or springing out of the closets to frighten their siblings. The game has a more dark edge than I mentioned above, but such abilities will definitely help you advance in this game!

I’ll create a lot of enemies here, but I guess all Assassin’s Creed games are the same. I said it there; it’s on the internet, and I’m excellent at getting it off my chest.

That said, Assassin’s Creed II is my personal favouret and it was my first game in the day.

The structure is much the same as the original (and every subsequent game); acquire information, murder the person who provided the information, slaughter the template of a Knight, leap out and repeat something big.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game, I say it exactly the way it is. And, although the structure in most games is similar, I believe Number 2 is the creed of assassin at its best.

The players take over Ezio as he traverses the stained past sepia. He’s looking for revenge via Renaissance Italy, which will explain why I like this title to those people who were at the bottom of my articles and saw my surname.

Stealthy murdering and climbing humiliating buildings never get old, and the visuals on the Xbox 360 look spectacular. If you will play any game in the Assassin’s Creed, make sure that it is this game.

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Dark Souls

Assassin’s Creed II is one of the finest Xbox 360 games for snubbing tricky Hobbits. We speak about the gamers who are thrilled to get on family members or to leap out of wardrobes to frighten their siblings.

Gameplay has more of a dark edge than I have described, but these abilities will definitely help you advance in this game!

I will create a lot of enemies here, but I guess all the Assassin’s Creed games are the same. I said it there: it’s out on the Internet, and I’m happy to have it off my chest.

That said, the Creed of Assassin II is my favourite lot and was the first game that I returned to that day.

The format is essentially the same as the original (and every previous game). Get information, murder the person who was providing the information, kill a Templar Knight, leap something high and repeat.

Hey, don’t get me wrong; I enjoy the game. I simply say it’s like that. And although in most games the structure is identical, I believe that number 2 is the assassination at its pinnacle.

The players take control of Ezio as he journeys through the stained sepia. He’s on a journey for revenge across Renaissance Italy, which will explain why I prefer this title to those who were at the bottom of my articles and saw my surname.

Stealth murdering and climbing humble structures never gets old, and graphs on the Xbox 360 look spectacular. If you play any game of Assassin’s Creed, make sure this is the one.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the third greatest Xbox 360 games of all times on this list!

Fans of Breath of the Wild must make this game happen in their life. It is played from the point of view of the first person and although more violent than any Zelda game, it is open-world with amazing backgrounds and huge monsters to fight against.

To be honest, Bethesda knows what an epic fantasy title needs. Oblivion contains more nerdal material than any D&D game ever could. It is centred on a solitary search to locate the heir to Cyrodiil’s kingdom as infernal devils attack their “forgetfulness” home planet. This is one of my favourite single player console games. It’s one of the titles you can take back and become totally lost. Hours may slip by without even realising it in the blink of an eye.

It’s also really why my partner smashed several of his controllers.

One of the things I appreciate about this series is that players are taking the game at the appropriate pace. There is no compulsion to accomplish anything and occasionally the greatest outcomes may be obtained without goal.

Join factions and rise to the top, discover games and talk to the most sophisticated AI characters in every game. Seriously, they’re nearly alive. Everything you do impacts how they respond, making each time you play a new experience!

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