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You’re Not Left Beached In Winter Weather

Winter is rapidly coming. Slick, sluggish roads, bulky jackets and boots and less visibility are present, and not all SUVs are adapted to winter circumstances of that kind.

Look for vehicles with all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive that enhance the slippery conditions when looking for a winter car. Some people still utilise predictive technologies to anticipate when sending more traction to their wheels. Others include sophisticated safety systems that assist drivers to notice thick snow and prevent accidents in harsh weather.

In order to assist you drive safely on snow and ice, we have chosen the finest SUVs if the weather is severe. They vary from the Honda CR-V small crossover to the full-size Chevrolet Tahoe. Please note that ratings may change as new information is available. Check out the latest up-to-date evaluations on our website.

Keep reading to find out which Survive landed on our list of the best Survive for snow.

Dodge Charger AWD

Let anyone ever convince you that all-wheel driving is a must for efficient snow driving; it’s not. However, it is great to have and its availability on the Dodge Charger today raises the sedan from a fair-weather muscle vehicle to a daily driver all year round.

Two different versions are offered for the Dodge Charger with AWD – the 292-hour SXT and the 300-hp GT – which provide customers choices for whatever extras they desire and how much they pay. In RWD mode, the AWD system itself only provides torque to the front wheels when circumstances are necessary.


Due to the consistent handling and relative weight of the Charger, the chassis is a perfect partner for the system, making one of the finest snow driving vehicles that can be purchased.

Dacia Duster

If you want a fairly cheap new snow-capable vehicle, go no further than the Duster family SUV from the budget branch of Renault, the Romanian dacia brand. A lot of ground clearance and four-wheel drive availability make it a sensitive option when the weather is bad. Only with 113bhp Blue dCi 115 diesel engine and two costlier versions of Duster, Comfort (beginning from £19,095) and Prestige (starting from £20,295), are available four-wheel drives. However, diesel is a good performer, especially at higher rpm. And, while the driving experience is not very complex, the established mechanics of Renault should be good.

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Volvo V90 Cross Country

If there is any car-making nation on Earth that needs to know what a sound winter driver is creating, it’s Sweden.

Volvo has a famous reputation for safety, but almost as legendary is its inclination to develop some of the world’s finest snow-friendly cars. The Volvo V90 Cross Country is an excellent example with a standard AWD, an elevated driving height, and a wide-ranging car body design.

Volvo Cars itself charges the Cross Country as a “road and weather engineered vehicle” and is not simply smoke-blowing. It has a large floor clearance for a vehicle – to be precise, 8.3 inches – and it is as smooth, controlled and premium-feeling as one would expect from the reputation of a Volvo business.

Audi TT Coupe

Sadly, Audi’s TT coupe isn’t long on the planet, but the German manufacturer is the last time that you see the TT brand on a trendy coupe or roadster. It may seem strange to include a sports vehicle, but the secret of TT is that it is possible to order it with Audi’s quattre four-wheel drive system, so that in slippery circumstances, it becomes simpler for you to remain in control than for competitors like the Porsche Cayman or the BMW Z4.

Audi has established a reputation for beautiful interior vehicles, and the new TT is continuing this trend: excellence is simply evoked inside. Audi’s most recent 12.3-inch ‘Virtual Cockpit’ dashboard is really unique, and will probably set the pattern for vehicle manufacturers in years to come. The TT comes with a broad variety of motors, up to the 395bhp TT RS. It should also be noted that it is currently available exclusively with petrol motors, although you may locate old diesel models that are more than 50mpg capable. The TT is one of the finest sports cars in all-weather Conditions and this winter you will find far more elegant than most other vehicles forging through the snow.

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BMW 3-Series xDrive

It is debatable if BMW can still be claimed to produce the “last driving machine.” But at least, the technical ability and obsessive concern with weight balancing of German car manufacturers lead to some extremely good-conducted cars.

Couple it with the full-time BMW xDrive wheel drive system in a mid-size automobile package, with a really capable snow driving vehicle: the BMW 3 series xDrive. With contemporary, high-tech AWD systems, the xDrive of the BMW is outstanding, with modest rear bias for good agility default and electronics used to adjust the division of the front/rear torque according to driving circumstances.

Of course it’s a BMW, the three-series is rather expensive, but you get what you’re paying for. In this instance, it features 3-area temperature control, 14-way front seats adjustable power and excellent build quality even on a 330i xDrive base.

Range Rover

There is a good possibility that you may get a vehicle especially for snow on the market if might have a great budget. So why not splurge on the Range Rover, the king of expensive off-roaders? When winter arrives, if you want to be as comfortable as possible, there are few better choices. Four wheel drive and flexible driving methods make sure the vehicle is on a muddy, light white track, an A-road with a compact snow or on a waterways storm. And motor choices like V6 and V8 ensure that you’re never going to be short of power. But most of all, you’re shielded from the elements in a lovely cabin on an equal footing with the greatest luxury vehicles. It’s not cheap with regular wheelbase versions beginning at £83.465, but you get the money.

 Subaru Crosstrek

We told you that the Symmetrical AWD system of Subaru was excellent. In fact, it’s so excellent that the Japanese manufacturer has won a second place in our ranking.

At its arrival in 2013, the Subaru Crosstrek premieres a whole new moniker, but beneath the sleek bodywork and robust armour it’s just a higher Impreza hatchback. It’s not terrible; the Impreza is an agile, quick vehicle that further adds to its use on snow and other rough terrain by providing a remarkable 8.7 inches of ground clearance.

Plus, being a Subaru, safety is almost guaranteed, with Symmetrical AWD and Brake Assist on all trimmings as standard.

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Fiat Panda 4×4 Hatchback

Due to its cheap price and excellent off-road capabilities, the Fiat Panda is in some respects similar to the Dacia Duster but is really quite a different vehicle. The Panda is smaller than the Duster and more clearly marketed on pictures, it is a more stylish vehicle inside and outside. It is more than a beautiful side but despite its tiny size limits, due to smart design touches and internal storage options, the Panda is surprisingly functional.

Panda is offered in four trim levels, Cross, City Cross, Sport and Life, although Fiat is allowed to specify just the Cross and Life versions. It is efficient on paper, but hard work has to be done in the actual world and the outcome is the fuel economy. Its security classification may put you off the Panda too, but despite its tiny size and background, the Panda is surprisingly capable of off-road also, as its compact nature and good soil clearance allows it to tread where some bigger 4x4s cannot reach completely.

Porsche Macan

Some prioritise a vehicle that is properly handled in the snow; terrible road conditions imply that faith in a car’s capabilities is becoming more essential. If this is the key for you, your radar should be the smaller of Porsche’s two SUVs. It’s reassuring and enjoyable to drive with standard four-wheel drive with great grip and excellent dynamic skills. Moreover, with 2.0-liter turbo and V6 motors on offer, there is a lot of options when it comes to power. Indoors, there is a cabin that is quite pleasant – for continental skiing excursions worth considering. The Macan is not cheap, though; he expects to spend about £30k for a five-year-old turbo 2.0-liter at roughly 60,000 kilometres a day.

Audi A4 Allroad Quattro

Audi was one of the world’s earliest manufacturers to use all-wheel drive in their road vehicles, especially for the winter advantage of the driving train.

Decades later, we are here and the Audi A4 Allroad Quattro is a wonderful snow truck. The A4 Allroad is another “SUV-like” vehicle with standard AWD, increased ride height, and even a broader track width than the regular A4 on the basis of the A4 Avant station car. With the standard selected adaptive damping suspension and driving mode, the A4 Allroad is even better capable of managing unfavourable winter conditions, while standard front heated seats, three-zone air conditioning and optional heated back seats and heated steering make the trip comfortable.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Freelander firmly established the renowned British producer of conquering off-roaders as a major participant in the more road-friendly small SUV sector, and the Discovery Sport follows and follows on from this tremendously successful formula. Like every other vehicle with the country rover moniker, Discovery Sport is as rugged as you are always going to need, but it also feels at home on the tarmac. Many owners will discover that the selectable four-wheel drive of the Discovery Sport comes to itself, especially when the weather changes.

Traction and grip are guaranteed by large, broad pneumatics, making winter driving much more difficult. But it is the mechanism of ‘terrain response’ which makes Discovery Sport capable of tackling roads that many competitors find unpassable. It features different settings for snow and mud and understands just how much power to keep you going under the most difficult circumstances. Combine this ability with excellent aesthetics, family friendly interior and economical motors – a hybrid plug in (PHEV) model is now available with a promise of a little over 140mpg while a pair of 2.0 litres (with 163bhp and 201bhp) diesels provide around 40,000pg in combination – with a four-wheel drive.

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